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How to use (Asagaya store)

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1.Please check your laundry.

Please check inside the pocket before washing.
Please remove metal fittings such as curtains before using.
Please read the explanation of washing display and detergent well.
※ Please refrain from the following on guidance of public health center
Pet supplies such as dogs and cats, diapers, oil stains, cars, mats used outdoors, etc.

2.Let’s choose a washing machine.

washing only

①Check that there is no laundry inside.
②Insert the coin of the displayed amount.
※There is no change given. Also, please be aware that the inserted coins will not be returned.
③To wash the washing tub.
Close the lid within 10 seconds after inserting the coin and press the shower button.
The lid will lock, and then wash for 30 seconds.
④After washing the tub , put in the laundry. ※Detergent will be added automatically. Please bring your own fabric softener.
⑤When using fabric softener, press the “lid lock release button” while the “fabric softener input lamp” is blinking, open the lid and add the fabric softener directly into the washing tub.
⑥Close the lid. The machine will start automatically.

■Wash & Dry Course

Check that there is no laundry inside.
②Before inserting the coin, close the door, press “drum wash” within 1 minute.
③After drum cleaning, put in the laundry.
④Close the door and set the door lever to “close”.
⑤Select washing course.
⑥Put in the coin of the amount shown. ※ Please note that inserted coins will not be returned.


Dry Only course

①Check that there is no laundry inside.
②Close the door and press the “Drum refresh” button.
③Put the laundry in, close the door.
④Put the coin. ※ Please note that inserted coins will not be returned.
⑤”Choose the drying course” Choose either standard, low temperature or blanket.


3.Please spend your time freely until the laundry end time.

You can use the time before the wash cycle ends for other errands.



4.When the washing ends, remove it from the washing machine. Laundry is finished.

If you leave your laundry in for a long time after it has been washed, the next customer may take yours out.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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