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Q.Are the store staffed?

A. MintClean is an unstaffed.
However, cleaning staff comes in once a day.
Information on how to use the machines is also displayed in the store, so please have a look.

Q.Is it ok to leave the facility while washing?

A. Yes. However, please try to empty the machines for the next customer as quickly as possible. Especially during peak times.
Please try to return by the washing end time.We also do not store clothes.

Q.Is there compensation in case the laundry is damaged?

A. We do not compensate for damaged laundry as we are a self-cleaning store, so we can not assume any responsibilities.
Be sure to check the washing instruction tag on your laundry, and use the correct washing method.
You could prevent damage by putting the laundry in the washing nets.

Q.Is it hygienic?

A. The machines are cleaned every day.
There is a “drum wash” function in the washing machines and “drum refresh” function in the dryers. Please use these functions before putting in your laundry. These functions are for free.

Q.I do not know how to use the machines.

A. The instructions guide is posted on this sit.
For details: How to use and also the operation method is displayed also in the store, so please have a look.

Q.Can I exchange money at the store if I don’t have coins?

A. Exchange of 1000 yen bills is possible at the facility.

Q.The coin exchange machines are out of money.

A. We apologize for the inconvenience.
As we are not staffed, we cannot replenish the machines immediately.
So please try to bring coins.
In addition, please refrain from asking for money exchange in the neighborhood.

Q.It seems that it is not bubbling while washing it?

A. The appropriate amount of detergent is automatically added according to the amount of the laundry.
The amount of bubbles formed depend on the type of fabric, but this does not affect the quality of the cleaning.

Q.The amount of coins put in is not counted properly.

A. This may be caused by inserting different coins and/or inserting coins too quickly.
Check the coin return slot and insert the coins again slowly.

Q. I changed my mind after inserting a coin ・・・

A. Sorry. The money will not be returned, so please enter the exact amount.



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